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The Boar Prime is an automatic shotgun and the Prime variant of the Boar that has an improved overall damage and performance compared to the original. It still retains the same drawbacks such as slow reload speed and poor ammo efficiency.

With its high rate of fire and increased damage, the Boar Prime is usually the recommended weapon for anyone that loves heavy hitting weapons that can clear rooms and overpower enemies in their wake with little to no effort.

How To Get Boar Prime?

The Boar Prime being a Prime weapon can only be attained by opening relics of the corresponding weapon part. Its set is composed of the Boar Prime blueprint, Boar Prime Barrel, Boar Prime Receiver and Boar Prime Stock.

Boar Prime Blueprint

  • Neo B3 Common
  • Neo D1 Common
  • Neo N9 Common

Boar Prime Barrel

  • Lith M2 Uncommon
  • Meso M1 Uncommon
  • Axi V2 Uncommon

Boar Prime Receiver

  • Lith M1 Common
  • Axi R1 Common
  • Axi S4 Common

Boar Prime Stock

  • Lith B1 Rare
  • Meso B1 Rare
  • Meso B3 Rare

Boar Prime Crafting Requirements

Boar Prime

  • 15,000 x Credits
  • Boar Prime Blueprint
  • Boar Prime Barrel
  • Boar Prime Receiver
  • Boar Prime Stock
  • 10x Orokin Cells

Boar Prime Stats

The Boar Prime is a Tenno automatic shotgun that has a high fire rate with a high capacity magazine with a wide spread for every shot. It has average status and critical chance that makes the Boar Prime great for focused or hybrid builds.

Critical Chance15.0%
Critical Multiplier2.0x
Falloff18.0 – 25.0
Fire Rate4.67
Total Damage320

Boar Prime Builds

1) Punch Through Build

Warframe Boar Prime Build 2024 Guide [High Damage Builds] - YetGamer (1)

The Boar Prime has a widespread and great damage that there are only a few things that it needs to improve on. Improving the weapon’s punch through can provide a way for the projectiles of the Boar Prime to go through their target, increasing effectiveness while improving on the efficiency of each shot.

Seeking Fury and Seeking Force give the Boar Prime’s projectiles the ability to punch through crowds of enemies and blast them not only with physical damage but also with status and critical effects.

2) Corpus Index Build

Warframe Boar Prime Build 2024 Guide [High Damage Builds] - YetGamer (2)

This build works great when used to farm Credits in the Index or fighting against Corpus faction in general. impact and cold work hand in hand, easily depleting shields of Corpus units while radiation and puncture takes care of Robotic units, punching holes into them while confusing other units with the effects of radiation.

Maximizing radiation damage with heat and electricity mods will provide most of the damage output of the build. At the same time, adding damage with Blaze provides increased status chance with 60/60 Shell Shock and Scattering Inferno and Chilling Grasp to get a huge chunk of cold damage mixed in the build.

3) High Accuracy Build

Warframe Boar Prime Build 2024 Guide [High Damage Builds] - YetGamer (3)

Stopping power and accuracy is what this build focuses on. By reducing the spread of your shots and providing a way for your shotgun to focus at certain weak spots and letting you direct 22 tiny projectiles much like a shotgun slug at your enemies.

With the Tainted Shell and Narrow Barrel mod the spray of your pellets is reduced significantly and Amalgam Shotgun Spazz helps to counteract the negative fire rate of the Tainted Shell mod. This also works as a way to support your fallen allies in a fight, may it be killing the one that downed them or just quickly reviving them to get back into the fight.

4) Hunter Munitions & Viral Build

Warframe Boar Prime Build 2024 Guide [High Damage Builds] - YetGamer (4)

With high fire rate and good critical chance, using Hunter Munitions is a viable option for your critical build. Using viral will significantly improve the damage of the slash procs even without armor reduction.

Both Blunderbuss and Laser Sight provide a boost in critical chance much like Point Strike and Argon Scope but for shotguns, adding also Primed Ravage or just Ravage will provide an increase in critical damage, boosting the converted slash procs.

Using critical mods on shotguns may have only a slight impact but bear in mind that each projectile of the shotgun blast has a chance to deal critical damage as well as triggering Hunter Munitions individually in the process to deal massive amounts of slash damage with just a couple of shots.

5) Fire Rate Build

Warframe Boar Prime Build 2024 Guide [High Damage Builds] - YetGamer (5)

Taking advantage of the high fire rate of the Boar Prime and maximizing it lets the weapon clear our large areas with its high spread and damage. Vicious Spread gives a boost in damage and spread that increases the area of effect of the shotgun to inflicting negative status effects while obliterating large clusters of enemies in large areas of the tileset.

Using gas and electricity elemental combination can provide a lot of DPS against Infested units and can be easily switched to corrosive and heat when used against Grineer units or radiation and toxin for Corpus units.

Riven Mods

Core Riven Stats

The Boar Prime has a great fire rate right out the gate that it only needs mostly an increase in effectiveness for higher tier missions. Going for critical chance is much more useful but getting an increase in status chance or multishot is welcomed over a direct damage increase.

Top Tier

These are the best possible stats for the Boar Prime Riven in order of priority.

  • Critical Chance
  • Multishot
  • Status Chance
  • Negative Fire Rate

High Tier

These are the highest possible stats that the Boar Prime Riven will have.

  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Harmless Negative

Acceptable Negative Stats

  • Negative impact is much preferred than getting negative puncture or slash since impact currently isn’t as combat effective compared to other physical types but may be a great loss when fighting against enemies with shields
  • Positive Recoil is a preferred negative but may cause your aim to drift upwards but can be mitigated by getting used to it or compensating with mods.
  • Negative faction like Corpus is ok for this weapon due to its high impact damage that can break through flimsy corpus defenses.
  • Negative fire rate is also a good negative for the Boar Prime since it already has an above average fire rate compared to other automatic shotguns.

Bad Negative Stats

  • Negative Flight Speed will significantly decrease fall off range making your Boar Prime loose range and a decrease in damage even for mid ranged targets.
  • Negative Magazine has some impact on the weapon due to its high fire rate and slow reload speeds.
  • Negative Reload is really bad for the weapon due to the long 2.8 sec reload time it already has.

Useless Positive stats

  • Positive slash or puncture are ok to have although they have minimal impact to the damage increase of the weapon but does improve the proc chances of those physical types but can also be achieved with simple mods.
  • Positive Grineer may be a good thing for Kuva Lich hunting but with Warframe buffs or just a direct damage increase can achieve almost the same effect not to mention Bane of Factions mods can also achieve the same effect.

Final Thoughts

The Boar Prime is a fantastic weapon with its base stats as an automatic shotgun, this weapon can easily be modded and improved to deal with any enemy faction which lets clearing squads of enemies an easy task to accomplish with its high speed spread of deadly projectiles.

The weapon has great fire rate and high impact damage with average critical and status chance followed up with good slash and puncture damage making it a good well rounded weapon that is common for new players to have as their first Prime shotgun.


Warframe Boar Prime Build 2024 Guide [High Damage Builds] - YetGamer (2024)


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