Vacation Rental The Lighthouse by Sweet Homes Vacation Rentals (2024)

Guest Reviews

This home is fantastic. It is located near the beach and has a great view of the crashing waves from the main living space. The beds were comfortable. We had a wonderful time staying here.

Joanna , November 2023

Lovely property with a great view from the upstairs living area. There were many amenities including binoculars (used those lots), games, tv, and clean well-supplied kitchen. Wonderful stay.

Linda , September 2023

My family and I enjoyed our stay at the Lighthouse in Yachats. The location and view are wonderful. Having a second story view of the ocean, we were able to watch the fireworks display on July 4th from the upstairs balcony. Very clean home with comfortable furniture and beds. All in all perfect for the five of us and our small dog. We would rent the Lighthouse again on a future trip to the area.

Tamorah , July 2023

The lighthouse is a wonderful location with great views of the ocean and a great place to unwind. Close to Yachats and all its fu

Bill , July 2023

Perfect home for watching waves and enjoying the shoreline. Very comfortable and clean. Kitchen had everything you need to prepare meals. Will plan on staying here again!

Marta , June 2023

Wonderful space for gathering of friends. Fun to watch the tides changes and see marine life (like seals) on the rocks just outside.

Heather , May 2023

Excellent everything...can't wait to come again!!

Kim , May 2023

My two friends and I really enjoyed the lovely ocean views accented with rock formations from the 2nd floor living room and kitchen areas, which were modern, well decorated and roomy. The first floor had a smaller seating area which might have also had a full ocean view, but there was a privacy hedge that was too high to see over it. The three bedroom house was in an interesting neighborhood where all the houses were unique and not too close to each other. You could easily walk from the house to the beach, which had mixed sand and rock areas. It was a quick drive to the heart of Yachats. Thumbs up for sure on this place.

Mary , May 2023

Beautiful house, beautiful view, good location, will come back again

Angela , April 2023

Lovely house with a gorgeous view of the sea. Clean, well stocked, and minutes to Yachats. Perfect.

Vicki , April 2023

A beautiful situated home with amazing views. The house itself was super clean, spacious and well equipped with all of the amenities. The communication from the host was outstanding. I’d highly recommend this property!

Shaun , March 2023

I would recommend the “Light House” to anyone.. especially to those who love waves and puzzles great view from a comfy couch.

Marcella H. , October 2022

It was a lovely stay the house location was perfect we love the little town of yatches thank you for all of your help.

Kathy , September 2022

The house is right next to the ocean. You can clearly see the ocean from the upstairs living room and kitchen. The house is very clean and well stocked with towels and paper goods. Check in and out was extremely easy.

Karen , August 2022

Beautiful clean home with nice views of the water and beach access nearby. Well stocked kitchen, comfy furniture, parking for 2 or 3 cars. Great trails nearby and such a beautiful part of the Oregon coast. We enjoyed our stay

Yoli , July 2022

The property/house itself was good but the location is what really did it for us. Amazing ocean views with what I think of as life-changing sunsets. Also just a short walk to get to the water etc. I'd recommend this home to anyone. The very minor issues we came a across are of zero concern when you are watching the sun go down over the Pacific from the deck. Loved it.

Brian , July 2022

We loved our stay, the view were amazing from almost every window. Everything was lovely!

Doug , July 2022

Such a sweet home!

Kyle , June 2022

Great location and comfortable lodging!

Merb , June 2022

We loved our stay at the Lighthouse! The home was very comfortable and well equipped, and the views of the crashing ocean waves were wonderful. We stayed for a week, and loved every minute. Despite being off-season, we had everything we wanted to see and do. We even saw whales from the house on our last day there! It was about a 10-15 minute walk to the (low tide) sandy beach, so I’d say this house is more for the views than “beach access”, if you are concerned about that. But you’ll get the best waves! We loved it.

Emily , May 2022

Set in a quiet neighborhood, a short walk to the beach access, the house has stunning views, very comfortable for our group! I would gladly stay in this property for future visits, centrally located for exploring the surrounding area. Not sure what could have made it any better, except if we had had more time there!

Greg , May 2022

Comfortable. Clean. Great for families. Beautiful location!!!

Jaci , May 2022

Such a clean and comfortable rental home with an incredible view of the ocean. Great location, perfect for families or groups. Quiet neighborhood. Would love to return!

Michelle & Keith , May 2022

Nice home and beautiful view. We had everything that we needed. Very close to Yachats and the beach. Thank you!

Laura, May 2022

Beautiful and peaceful stay. Would recommend to anyone!

Taylor, April 2022

Terrific home, amazing location, and very comfortable, extremely clean and organized. Close enough to Yachats to make for easy access for dining and shopping, and yet much closer to the action of the waves crashing on the rocks to allow one to become mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean. Thank you for sharing your wonderful home.

Douglas, April 2022

A stunning location that won't disappoint. When we arrived, there was music playing and the lights were on! The kitchen is well stocked with kitchen tools and such, but be sure to bring everything needed to cook since there isn't anything available like oil or basic spices. There are nice decorative touches throughout. Our group (8 people total) was very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed our week here!

Erika, December 2021

8 of us fit just fine in this house over Thanksgiving. We made Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, 2 different stuffings, salad, 2 different cranberry dishes, veggies, meat and cheese tray and lot more with the pots, pans, cutting boards, etc in the kitchen. The beds were ok, the view was beautiful, and the short walk to the beach was wonderful. We had 4 cars/trucks that fit just fine. The neighbors were great and fun to talk with. We would rent this place again.

Jen, November 2021

The Lighthouse is a special place where guest have a front row seat to the spectacular oceanfront of Yachats.

John, November 2021
Vacation Rental The Lighthouse by Sweet Homes Vacation Rentals (2024)


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What is it called when you want to rent a house for vacation? ›

Vacation rental or short-term properties are accommodations that travelers can rent on a short-term basis. These accommodations range from high-end luxury properties to spare bedrooms in other people's apartments and can include homes, condos, villas, apartments and even tents, yurts and boats.

What is the term for vacation rental? ›

Such rentals are also sometimes referred to as transient rentals, vacation rentals, short-term vacation rentals, and resort dwelling units.

What is the best vacation home website? ›

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Which is safer, Airbnb or Vrbo? ›

Although both VRBO and Airbnb take precautions to guarantee the protection of their visitors, Airbnb poses more potential dangers for guests simply because it allows visitors to remain in shared spaces.

What is the difference between an Airbnb and a vacation rental? ›

Since vacation rentals are managed by a single company, there are more standard rules and less flexibility than you might find with an Airbnb. However, there are a lot fewer surprises in regard to quality expectations, so you can expect the same high-quality accommodations no matter what property you choose.

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Since you book directly with the property owners, they may accept or decline your request, and many of the accommodation standards are set by them, not Airbnb. This means you'll see a lot of variances in quality, service and experience.

Is it a good idea to rent a vacation? ›

A vacation rental can be a smart way to lock in a healthy financial future. Real estate properties tend to appreciate in value over time. A vacation home is no different. If the economy permits and if we see steadily climbing inflation, the value of your investment property could climb over time, too.

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And for guests, Airbnb can provide a homey place to stay, perhaps with a kitchen to save on dining out, often at a lower price than hotels charge. Airbnb is a contraction of "Airbed and Breakfast," an earlier name that reflected the company's origins.

What is another name for Vrbo? ›

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Vrbo (or “vacation rental by owner”) is also an online marketplace for short- or long-term vacation rentals. Owned by Expedia Group (who also owns vacation rental marketplace HomeAway), Vrbo features around 2 million listings in 190 countries around the world.

Is Vrbo bigger than Airbnb? ›

This one is really no contest. Airbnb boasts 7.7 million active listings as of May 2024 compared to Vrbo's over 2 million properties listed as of 2023.

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United Rentals, Inc. is the largest equipment rental company in the world. The company has an integrated network of 1,504 rental locations in North America, 38 in Europe, 23 in Australia and 19 in New Zealand.

What was Vrbo formerly known as? ›

HomeAway is now Vrbo

Our humble beginnings as the first online holiday rental company have blossomed into a global network helping millions of families around the world reconnect every year.


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