TALENT — San Angelo Food + Wine Festival (2024)

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    Gabriel Gutierrez

    Executive Chef/Owner of UNA at the Silo. Gabriel has cooking professionally for nearly 20 years, mostly fine dining. I was mentored by some of the best Chefs in Texas to eventually bring the big city culinary experience right here to everyone in San Angelo Texas.

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    Ronnie Cajas

    Ronnie is the co-owner and Executive Chef of Urban Salt Kitchen & Bar in Downtown San Angelo. Ronnie studied Culinary Arts at the San Diego Culinary Institute. Ronnie opened Streets Eats, a unique match up of Street Food and Street Art. Ronnie cooks with bold flavors, fresh ingredients and innovative techniques.

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    Taishi Ligon

    Taishi is the owner of Cookie Joy. She is the winner of Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge. “I started this business with so much faith that it would be successful, but so much fear of the unknown. This community has been incredibly supportive of my business,” she said. “I’m so appreciative of the people of San Angelo.” Taishi is a wife and mother of 2 sweet boys.

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    Courtney Hampton

    Courtney, a New York native, Hampton entered the restaurant industry at a young age, starting at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in San Angelo; there he climbed the ranks from prep cook to culinary manager. Hampton has since trained under James Beard Award-winning and Michelin Star chefs. Before starting The Hamptons Kitchen & Catering, Hampton was the owner/operator and chef at The Hamptons BBQ on North Chadbourne. He has since participated in The Culinary Competition benefiting the San Angelo Symphony, Paint Brush Alley Market Days, and San Angelo Chefs All-Star Dinner.

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    Kelly Baer

    Kelly is an Arizona native who got a love for baking from her grandmother and mother. Kelly's love for baking grew out of necessity when her 2 children were born with a nut and egg allergy. Kelly has spent the last 8 years teaching herself through classes, webinars and reading books to perfect her craft. Kelly is a military spouse and after years of moving around, the Baer family has made San Angelo their permanent home.

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    Casey Jackson

    Casey has been intrigued by the culinary industry since he was a child. Surrounded by great cooks, he took their lead. He's worked in various restaurants since he was a teenager. He went on to train with Iron Chef, Tim Love of Lonesome Dove fame. He has traveled the country working and producing many food and wine festivals including, Austin, South Beach, Nashville, Aspen and more. Honing his skills by producing VIP areas at ACL fest and opening various restaurant concepts. He has training in many different styles and cuisines and has mainly focused on catering. Casey brings flavor, flair and excitement to any plate he touches. He is currently the Chef of Mamma Changs and Senor Changs concepts.

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    Jonathan Hairston

    Jonathan is a US Veteran. Hairston graduated from the Art Institute of Austin. His extensive culinary experience includes serving as a pit master, chef of the River View Terrace in San Angelo, catering chef at Angelo State University and, most recently, the dietary manager at Sterling County Nursing Home. He previously partnered with Hampton at Paint Brush Alley Market Days and The Culinary Competition.

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    Sam Avalos

    Chef Sam Avalos is a 2022 graduate of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts with an associate degree in occupational studies in Culinary Arts. Born and raised in Mason, Texas, Sam has a passion for Asian Fusion and strives to bring diverse culinary creations to the hill country. You'll find Chef Sam offering pop-up cooking experiences, serving local Airbnb's, private resorts, private clients, wineries, as well as catering events. Follow Chef Sam on Facebook to stay up-to-date on pop-ups and more!


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    Ishma Parker

    Ishma Parker, born in San Angelo, Texas, served six years in the United States Army as an armored crewman. Chef Parker went on to continue his career as a chef and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a focus on Culinary Operations. Chef Parker became a food truck operator and restaurateur. His gift and love for cooking was gained from his grandmother who taught him at an early age. He hopes to teach his five children the culinary arts.

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    Charlie Slack

    Charlie Slack is a Korean-made American-raised San Angelo resident for 22 years. With no formal culinary training, he has managed to work in serval area kitchens. He has operated a fusion restaurant inside the library and taught sushi classes. His open mind for food welcomes any cuisine and experience.

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    Patrick Bubenik

    Patrick was raised in Wall, Texas and has always had a flair for being in the kitchen. After achieving his Bachelor of Science in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management and his Master of Science in Hospitality and Retail Management, he moved back to San Angelo. Patrick founded PatPat Hooray, a charcuterie and catering business, in 2021. He takes great pride in all he does from creating a charcuterie box for one to building a grazing table for 600.

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    Sergio Rico

    Description goes here

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    Angela Pitre

    I was raised in Ozona, a small West Texas town. My culinary curiosity began in my youth while watching and mimicking my parents and grandparents prepare huge family meals. I began my culinary adventure when I joined 4-H cooking at the age of 8. I am a graduate of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts where I obtained my Culinary Arts degree and an Associate of Occupational Studies in Hospitality and Restaurant Operations Management. I have been in the hospitality business since 2005 where I was fortunate to work alongside many of San Angelo's finest Chefs. I am currently Executive Chef at Next Level Grill.

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    Marc Daniels

    Marc Daniels is an Executive Chef with over 30 years of experience. Cajun, Thai, Southern Comfort and Low Country Cuisine are some of Chef’s favorite items to cook. Originally from the Houston Area, Chef Marc has served as the Executive Chef for Exxon/Mobil Headquarters, eatZi’s Market & Bakery and the Cheesecake Factory. Since moving to San Angelo seven years ago Chef has been the Chef/Director for Community Hospital, San Angelo Country Club and is currently overseeing 28,000 meals a week at Goodfellow AFB. The chef is working on his next business venture, Texas Table. This business will focus on Catering and Home Meal Replacement.

  • Earl Halfmann

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    Farm Ale Brewing Co

    Farm Ale Brewing Co. is a brewery and restaurant located inside a historic school in West Texas, specializing in simple, refreshingly light beers, source verification, damn good food and farmer advocacy. We donate 1.5% of proceeds back to farmers.

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    Plateau Brewing Company

    Plateau Brewing Co. is a Texas-centric Brewery and taproom operation deeply rooted in West Texas that was opened by 3 friends who wanted to stay true to their roots. Plateau Brewing Company offers a wide range of ales and lagers for beer enthusiasts. Their beer can be found served locally as well.

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    Zero One Brewery

    We love beer as well as great food and snacks! Zero One Brewing Company brings all things that we love together under one roof and lets you enjoy the unique atmosphere of a brewery & restaurant. With 22 taps, majority of them are our very own house brewed options, one of a kind co*cktails, wines & a mouthwatering menu that includes steaks, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, and apps with lots of other snacks to fuel you. With all this, you can be sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding tastes of true craft beer fans.

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    Wild Texas Wines

    Our Prickly Pear fruits are harvested by hand from our ranch here in the Texas Hill Country. I personally handpick all our fruit to ensure only the best candidates make it into our wine. Our goal at Wild Texas Wines is to capture the true essence of our great state by delivering a one-of-a-kind flavor in these truly unique wines. We are a proud fourth-generation Veteran Owned winery.

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    William Chris Vineyards

    In 2008, William Chris Vineyards was born in Hye, Texas. Utilizing Old-World winemaking techniques, Chris and Bill sought to create a genuine expression of Texas' distinctive grape-growing regions. Our approach is founded on the idea that great wines are not made, but grown. Each new vintage seeks to provide a level of quality wine that represents the very best of Texas terroir.

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    Peter Prairie Wines

    Peters Prairie Vineyard is a small-lot producer specializing in Mediterranean varieties grown with great respect to the land. We work with 100% Mason County grapes grown almost exclusively in our own vineyard by our dedicated team to expand your wine horizons with the best Texas Hill Country wine possible. Experience authentic Texas charm with our top-rated wine, and get a true taste of Peters Prairie Vineyard.

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    Fly Gap Winery

    At Fly Gap Winery the spirit of our Winemaking Philosophy is to showcase the terroir of each vineyard site while going with the grain of the fruit and letting it guide us as well. We passionately believe that we are located in one of the world’s great winemaking regions. Mason County has arguably the most diverse terroir in the world with its many vastly different soil types and changes in sunlight exposure throughout hilly terrain. Our long-term goal is to highlight the schist, granite, sandstone, and limestone of Mason County by planting estate vineyards in each soil type. We are also dedicated to working with other Texas AVA grape growers and sharing their stories and passion through our winemaking as well. We are all in this together. We believe in Mason, We believe in Texas.

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    Whiskey Collection

    Looking to explore the world of whiskey with a community of like-minded enthusiasts? Look no further than the San Angelo Whiskey Collective! We are a group of over 500 whiskey lovers from all walks of life in the Concho Valley Region of west Texas. Our mission is to promote whiskey education and culture and to share the best spirits from all over Texas. We meet monthly, and host tastings where we sample and learn about different whiskeys. We welcome everyone to join us, regardless of your level of knowledge or experience with whiskey. Come try something new and discover your new favorite whiskey with us! For more information, please visit sanangelowhiskey.com.

TALENT — San Angelo Food + Wine Festival (2024)


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