Nadine Caridi Net Worth - Income And Salary Sources (2024)

How much is Nadine Caridi Net Worth? Is she also in $100 million debt as her ex-husband Jordan Belfort?

The Wolf of the wall street and his she-wolf tend to make a good pair, but things always don’t go as per plan. The activities of a man result in the downfall or uprise of himself. We are almost very familiar with the name Jordan Belfort. On the other hand, how well do we know about Nadine Caridi?

For starters, she is the former wife of ex-con Jordan. While their relationship did not last long, Nadine sure got the attention of the media.

This article is all about the model in the shades of Belfort, so staying tuned helps turn the unturned pages.

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Before directing turning the personal pages, let’s dive into some quick facts

Nadine Caridi: Quick Facts

Full NameNadine Caridi
Date of Birth1962 /11 /06
Marital StatusMarried( John Macaluso)
ProfessionActress, Model
Eye colorGrey
Hair colorBlonde
Online PresenceTwitter, Instagram
Net Worth$5 million

Nadine Caridi’s Wiki- bio

Nadine Caridi, the blonde beauty, was born on November 6, 1962, in London, United Kingdom. The former model is currently 57 years old. Currently a therapist, she grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York City.

Likewise, there is no information about her education and siblings, as she is strictly private about these matters.

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The available information suggests that the actress lives in Hermosa Beach, California. Also, Caridi is a British national of white ethnicity.

Nadine Caridi Early Life and Education

As a matter of fact, most of her childhood was spent in New York City. The model attended John Dewey High School in Brooklyn.

Immediately after high school, the future successful model turned her interest in modeling with such a beautiful physique.

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Uniquely, when there are beauty and brains together, education also goes along. Nadine holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (2015). Additionally, the model did a Ph.D. from the Pacific graduate university.

Nadine Caridi Modeling career

The modeling career of the beauty queen started when she became the poster girl of Miller Lite. Miller Lite is an alcoholic beverage.

Subsequently, the therapist modeled and advocated for various health campaigns. One famous commercial is the donation to support over 18 people with organ transplants.

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The best of it is the airing of the commercial done in a Monday night football commercial.

Nadine Caridi Body Measurements

The best aspects of being a model are their laced with excellent body measurements. The body measurements are 36-26-37 inches.

Another reason for her glamorous body line is her tall height. The beautiful diva stands at 5’4” and weighs at 60kgs. The former model knows how to take care of herself and be in shape all the time.

Similarly, with her stunning figure, Nadine has got beautiful features as well. She has got long blonde hair and striking grey eyes.

Nadine Caridi’s Dating and Married life

In the early 20’s Nadine dated boyfriend Alan Wilzig, a former race car driver. The couple dated for two years and separated. The exact information about her dates and breakups are not found.

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After dating Alan, the lady went on to date the stockbroker and the Wolf Jordan Belfort. Incidentally, Nadine met Jordan at a party where she attended with Alan.

At that precise moment, Belfort was married to Denise Lombardo. Indeed, the beauty of Nadine was so apparent that Belfort divorced Denise.

The divorce was carried out in 1991, and without wasting any time, Jordan Belfort tied the knot with Nadine Caridi. The event was held in the Caribbean. As was the nature of Jordan Belfort, a lavish party was thrown.

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The wealth of the man is ever rising by the fact that the man owns a yacht and has the name “Nadine,” which sank off the east coast of Sardina in June 1997. The couple went on for a healthy relationship and had two children as well.

The daughter being Chandler Belfort, and the son Carter Belfort. Chandler Belfort has completed a degree from New York University. Carter Belfort, however, is a student at Muhlenberg College and resides in LA, California.

In reality, the couple were happy for over a decade but decided to part ways in 2005 when the divorce went through.

The reason for divorce was shown as domestic violence, and Jordan’s habit of over drinking didn’t help the cause.

What After Divorce With Jordan Belfort?

After the divorce with Jordan, the actress moved on and started dating John Macaluso, who is an ex-business man and CEO of the Wizard world. The couple got married on 30 September 2001.

Nadine is 22 years young than john, but they live a blissful life and celebrate their 17th anniversary on 30th September 2018.

Nadine Caridi Net Worth and Income

Nadine Caridi is an actress, a model, and a therapist as well. The lady has done great activities in the field of modeling, starting from a young age. The net worth of Nadiri is $5 million.

Likewise, she also got her fair share of the amount after her split with Jordan Belfort. Aside from that, Nadine also collected such a hefty amount thanks to her career in modeling, where she posed for various magazines and ad campaigns.

Social Media Presence

Being a model is a job of great fame and requires excellent attention as well.

Instagram14.9k followers

Twitter884 followers

Nadine Caridi Net Worth - Income And Salary Sources (2024)


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