Nadine Caridi (Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife) Bio, Net Worth 2024, Marriage (2024)

Many people know her as being the wife of Jordan Belfort, who is mostly known to be the inspiration for the movie called Wolf of Wall Street. However, this woman has its career and has made a name for herself.


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Personal Life

She was born on the 6th ofNovember 1962. She was born in London, the UK. However, her family decided to leave the UK and to go to the USA, and this is the reason why she spent her childhood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As far as her education is concerned, she finished John Dewey High School in the city she grew up in.

It should be mentioned that she was very ambitious from an early age and wanted to become a businesswoman. This was not her only interest since she also wanted to pursue a career as a model. As far as her measures are concerned, we can say that she is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

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Nadine Caridi Modeling

Nadine Caridi is a very attractive woman, and she was a real beauty when she was younger. It was not hard for her to get into the modeling business since she has astonishing blonde hair and blue eyes. As far as she stepped into the world of modeling, she was noticed, and she started to get a lot of offers and contracts.

The first time she appeared on the cover was selected to be on a poster that was done for Miller Lite, a type of beer. This was not the end of her appearances since she also appeared in Monday Night Football, which was an advertisem*nt.

It should be also mentioned that she was seeing and dating Alan Wilzig during the start of her modeling career and that Alan is a businessman.

Nadine Caridi (Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife) Bio, Net Worth 2024, Marriage (1)

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She was attending some party when she was introduced to Jordan Belford, who was working as a stockbroker at that time. At that time, she was not dating Alan anymore. However, Jordan was married at that time to Denise Lombardo, who is the love from his school days. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced.

On the other hand, Jordan and Nadine decided to get married in 1991, and the ceremony was done in the Caribbean. Their marriage resulted in two children, i.e., Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort. It should be also mentioned that Jordan was in prison due to fraud dealings that he did on the market, but he went out after 22 months.

The couple divorced in 2005 due to Jordan’s infidelity and abuse of drugs. After that, she got acquainted with John Macaluso, who is also a very successful businessman. The couple decided to get married one year after her divorce.

Nadine Caridi Net Worth 2024

When we are talking about the net worth of Nadine Caridi, we should point out that she made some money on her own from her modeling career but that she also got some after she divorced Jordan. It is estimated that her net worth if $5 million as of 2024.

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Nadine Caridi (Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife) Bio, Net Worth 2024, Marriage (2024)


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