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“Hey Stols. How’s it hanging?” He asked the unconscious bird. No response. Not that he was expecting an answer. “I got you a present,” he said holding up the seahorse.

“I did an assassination today and this made me think of you. It’s a sea horse. Did you know that the boys have babies not the girls?” Still no answer.

“I’ll just put this right here for you.” He walked over to his vanity and propped the plush up next to the grimoire.

Coming back to the bedside, he hopped onto the chair next to the bed. The imp heard from somewhere that if you talk to someone in a coma, they will recover better. Maybe if he talked to the owl a bit, he might wake up sooner.

“I guess it’s been a while since we spoke. A lot of stuff has happened. Where to start… me and Fizz are friends again. You remember him, right? He was at Ozzie’s. In fact, Asmodeus hired me to be his bodyguard during Mammon’s annual clown contest. Did you know that they’re in a relationship?”


Sometime later…

“And the worst part wasn’t even the lumberjacks or the chainsaws. It was the damn squirrels. Those things are assholes. Running up your pants and biting places that should not be bit. Good thing Millie pegs Moxxie, so at least they got to have sex that night” Blitz finished his story. The owl still hasn’t moved. Blitz sighed. Might as well try to get him to drink something.

Not gonna lie, he was scared he was going to get another prophecy. But he did promise Via that he would take care of her dad and that meant getting him to drink some of that magic healing water.

He closed his eyes, and with a shaking hand slowly reached for Stolas. Once he touched feathers, he cracked open one eye. Looking around, he was still in the bedroom. The owl, whose cheek he was now touching, was still out cold. (No strange visions, no singing, no new prophecy… Phew…)

Gently he opened the owl’s mouth. Then he grabbed the crystal and herb filled water bottle from the nightstand, uncapping it. Carefully, he lifted the owl’s head and poured the water. He missed his mouth a little but managed to get some water in there. Placing the bottle down the imp closed Stolas’ mouth and gently rubbed his throat, like he had seen last night, until the owl swallowed.

“You better be getting better soon asshole. Via needs you. I… I need you” the imp told Stolas, gently lowering his head back down onto the pillow, half expecting the owl to wake up to his confession like in one of those Hella- Novellas Stolas likes so much.

“You know, or maybe you don’t, but I visited you… At the hospital. Well, kinda… They wouldn’t let me in your room, so I climbed up to your window at night. It was easier that way. You were asleep. Or at least I think you were. I could have unlocked the window and come in. But I just… couldn’t. I couldn’t face you after I failed you. You must understand, Loona needed her shot, and I thought you could handle it” the mottled imp tried defending himself. Tears formed in his eyes as he looked down on Stolas’ still frame.

“…I’m sorry… I should have been there for you. I screwed up, I know. I always do. But please… Wake up already dammit. Come on Stols. Don’t make me say it. I...” He cut himself off when he heard the door behind him open. Quickly he wiped his tears away before turning to see Vassago entering the room.

“Via's with my daughter, Loona, somewhere in this place. There’s pizza in the kitchen if you want,” the imp said.

“I am aware. I saw the two watching a movie. Loona seems like a wonderful young lady.” Vassago replied.

Blitz smiled at that. He loved his daughter. And he loves it when other people say nice things about her. He noticed the parrot giving a questioning look behind him. Turning, he saw the seahorse.

“It’s a gift” the imp explained.


“Say Vassago, mind if I call you Vas?”

“I would prefer you di…”

“Where is everyone?" Blitz continued, not bothering to let the parrot finish. " I mean the servants and guards and sh*t. Loona said she couldn’t smell anyone.”

“They have been sent away to Stella’s.”

“Why? Shouldn’t there be at least one person here to help with the cooking and cleaning?”

“It is partially due to the divorce, but mostly we do not want anyone Stolas hasn’t approved of to be here at this time, in case someone sabotages his recovery.”

“The hell’s that supposed to mean?” Why would anyone try to hurt him while he was ill? Especially if he was the one paying their salaries.

“Years ago. After a lunar ritual like this, Stella interfered with his healing.”

“What did she do? Throw a bucket of water on him or something.” Blitz already didn’t like the owls ex, but what could she have done that was so bad that no one was allowed here?

“If only that.” The red Goetia turned to the leather trunks in the corner, opening one, searching for the supplies that he would need.

“She tampered with Stolas’ medicinal herbs, put toxins in his food and drink, was abusive to him when he had no energy to defend himself, had her brother try to convince the council that I was failing as Stolas’ keeper and should be replaced by whoever Stella deemed fit. Stolas… nearly didn’t make it.” He explained, as he took out a first aid kit, some weird looking scissors, and a small cloth bag.

“It wasn’t until after she exposed Octavia to his condition that I was able to convince the royal council to send her away. Some of her servants testified against her to help my case, however Stella had them fired shortly after. Once the council saw Stolas recovering after she left and with the evidence against her, she was found guilty.” Vassago said opening the trunk on the right of the first one.

“She should have been sentenced to a harsh punishment, but her brother, Andrealphus, convinced the council to give her leniency.” the parrot continued, as he held up two vials of liquid (one pink, one blue), examining them.

“Instead of facing a greater punishment she rightfully deserved. She was banished from the palace during any and all lunar rituals. She was ostracized for a while by the members of the court, but eventually, she was able to convince some that she was trying to help her husband.”

“Because of the divorce, the servants divide their time between two houses. We do not want someone who is loyal to her to try anything with him during the ritual or while he recovers.” Vassago put the blue vial back, before getting up, returning to the bed, supplies in hand.

“She tried killing her husband and got away with it? She hated him that bad, even back then?” He was seething. It was one thing to poison Stolas. But to use his own child to hurt him? That was f*cked up.

Vassago, looked down at the imp. “I’m not sure that it was just her hatred of him. Stolas and I have been considered enemies with her brother, Andrealphus for quite some time. Should I, as Stolas’ keeper, not be able fulfill my duties, then Andrealphus could use that against me for political gain. Stolas dying would just be a bonus for Stella” he explained.

He turned back to the still form on the bed. “I’m going to tend to his wounds and check his mana levels. You don’t need to be in here if you don’t wish to” the Goetia explained.

“It’s fine. I can handle it.” The assassin reassured him. “By the way, you said you are his keeper before. What is that?” asked the imp.

“It is one of two roles during powerful rituals such as these. The vessel, and the keeper. The vessel, which would be Stolas, is the one performing the ritual. They are the ones responsible for making sure that the ritual is done correctly and to gain the best possible outcome of whatever they partake in.

The keeper, such as myself, is someone the vessel trusts with their life. Their job is to intervene if there are complications with the ritual and to make sure that the vessel makes a full recovery afterword.” The parrot explained as he removed the blanket covering Stolas.

“Stolas and I have known each other for a long time. He has always been an ally to me when I have been surrounded by enemies. The level of trust we have is quite strong. He always chooses me as his keeper, just as I choose him as mine”. He said as he picked up the scissors.

The bandages on his stomach looked clean but the ones on his arm were the exact opposite. They were stained with a strange liquid. The imp really hoped that it was some sort of ointment that soaked the bandages.

Using the scissors, the parrot demon cut the stomach bandages first. The area where Stolas had been stabbed was a bit darker than the rest of his torso. Vasaggo gently moved the feathers in that area around until he could see skin. The injured skin was darker than the surrounding area, looking like a healing burn rather than a large cut. “Mhh...hmm,” was all that the parrot said prodding a few places before gently removing his hand.

“No bleeding, no swelling, no signs of infection. This one is healing fine.” Blitz sighed in relief. Until he remembered that this was the one Vassago said didn’t worry him as much as the other issues. The parrot decided that he was healed enough that he no longer needed bandages for that area.

Vassago worked on cutting off the bandages around his arm next. As the last bandage was removed, the imp paled. Being an assassin, he has seen his fair share of gore. In fact, he usually is the cause of it. But this? This was somehow worse than what he should be used to.

The wound was deep, deeper than a supposedly nearly healed wound should be, and definitely infected. The area surrounding the wound was inflamed with a darker, veinlike pattern that went all the way around his upper arm. The wound was oozing something sickening silvery instead of healthy black blood. There was a horrible smell coming from the wound as well. He was going to be sick.

“If you are going to throw up, then go to the bathroom and do it. He doesn’t need to be covered in your puke.” The parrot told him without looking up as he cleaned the wound with the pink fluid in the vial, he took out earlier. Blitz turned away for a minute, taking several deep breaths until the nausea passed.

“How… how did this happen?” the imp asked.

“A few months ago, Stolas was kidnapped and tortured with a blessed weapon” (Striker! I am sooo going to kill that f*cking bastard!)

“While most of his wounds had healed, this one had not fully recovered. There may have been some traces of the blessed essence still in his body before he started the ritual. I fear the magic he was doing had reversed his healing and made his injury worse. I have Octavia helping me with an elixir that should help rid the taint, however it won’t be ready just yet.” The parrot explained

Blitz finally turned back to see Vassago finishing up dressing his wound. Satisfied with the work, the parrot put the scissors, vial and first aid kit to the side before removing the pillow supporting Stolas’ head.

“What are you doing now?”

“I told you earlier. I’m going to be checking his mana. It won’t hurt him, but he should be lying flat to get an easier reading” Vassago said as he opened the small bag. Taking seven flat stones. Each stone was a different color with a golden symbol etched on each one. They look like those chakra stones he’s seen before at Stylish Occult, when he was trying to find an adoption day present for Loona.

Vassago placed the stones along a line on the right side of Stolas’ still form. Placing a red stone at about crotch level then, an orange stone a little higher up. Followed by a yellow, green, light blue, indigo and finally a purple stone next to the top of his head.

Then with his right hand he placed two fingers on the owl’s groin. (The f*ck is he doing??? Is he trying to molest Stolas???). The imp forced himself to calm down as the parrot slowly started to drag his fingers up Stolas’ body in a straight line, the runes of the stones glowing as his fingers went past them. Coming to a stop at the top of his head, where the purple stone was next to. Leaving his fingers there. Then taking his left hand, he placed it on the owl’s crotch. (Breathe Blitz. He’s helping Stolas. He ain’t molesting him.)

The red stone lost its glow as the parrot moved his hand up but came to a stop just barely above where he first started. “Hmm…3%. That’s not good” the parrot muttered. Removing his hands, the stones lost their glow.

“Wha? What’s not good?” The imp asked as the parrot picked up the stones, placing them back into the bag. He hated asking all these questions, but he really wanted to know what was going on.

“It means he is not recovering his mana as well as he should be. By now his mana should be at 15% at least. I fear that the infection is causing complications to mana recovery. If it doesn’t regulate properly, he will be in danger of mana poisoning”. The parrot explained as he placed the pillow under the owl’s head. “Once the elixir is ready, I will hopefully get the remaining essence out of his body. Then, he should make a swifter recovery.”

Blitz looked up at the parrot demon, noticing the large bags under his eyes. He looked as exhausted as Blitz felt.

“When was the last time you slept?”. The imp asked suddenly, catching the parrot off guard, pausing as he was placing a blanket over the owl. He was not expecting any questions regarding his well-being.

“Not since the night before, why do you ask?”

“Just that you look like sh*t. Don’t give me that look. I mean that you could use a break. Why don’t you eat and get some rest. I can look over feathers here for you tonight.” Vassago gave him a look and if Blitz didn’t know any better, he would say that he saw his eyes glowing behind his gaudy gold glasses. “Besides Stolas won’t get better if you pass out from exhaustion.”

“Sigh… very well. I will take you up on your offer. Thank you.”

He turned to leave. “Before you go, I do have one last question.” Vassago stopped right at the door, looking back at the imp.

“You said that he dismissed his staff because they weren’t trusted. So why am I here? Why are you letting me, someone you just met, stay with him. Not that you can’t trust me or anything…” he added quickly. “Just curious is all”.

The taller demon thought for a moment about the best way to answer this question. “Because Stolas cares for and trusts you. He told me himself”. that caught the imp off guard.

“There are very few he can truly trust and care about. You and your employees are amongst those few. But you, in particular, are very important to him. He’s always thought very highly of you, you know. And if he trusts you with his life, then I should as well. Goodnight, Blitz. Wake me if his condition changes.” And with that the parrot left, closing the door behind him.

Blitz turned to look at Stolas “Is what he said true? You really feel that way about me, Stolas?”

There was no response.

In my time of healing - Chapter 12 - Lil_book (2024)


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