Discover the best river, stream, or creek cabin rentals near Sweet Home, Oregon (2024)

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About this spaceIf you've never slept in the round before, you owe yourself! "Think outside the box"? You can wake outside the box! — well, inside, but not in a box! Windows above & all around, 59,206 pennies beneath. ★ ★ Magic!We give guests more than a pleasant visit and peaceful rest. We'll give you a lasting memory — a story you can tell others when you get back home. Or many stories. (They pack easily and weigh nothing.)The spaceWe love to design spaces that are not in a box. We want to give our guests an experience that is meaningful and memorable.We've tried to anticipate your questions, so scroll down and read our description here before inquiring about details.We use a dynamic pricing model based on four years of bookings, so the dates you ask for will give you an accurate cost, which may differ from the generic listing price. Summer, weekends, track meets — we allow demand to influence rates.We have another space listed here:Our aloft apartment is slightly more expensive, but with a private bath.*****************"Enchanting, magical, uplifting" -- those are words used recently by our guests, describing this wonderful space. Twelve sides, windows all around, surrounded by nature, yet close to town.*****************Picture a cabin made of cedar and glass. It has wi-fi, heated or cooled to your comfort, a super-comfortable queen-sized bed with memory foam, a chair for reading, a fold-out desk, and a table and a coffee pot. All the bare essentials, in one place.(Not in all the the photos — we've added lush, room-darkening curtains all around for privacy and to aid those who prefer sleeping later.)It's situated to be rustic and inspirational, nestled into the back corner of a deep lot. There are fruit trees all around and a seasonal pond that attracts ducks in the spring and early summer. Depending on the season, you can listen to birds and frogs from inside the roundhouse, or cross the footbridge to the south-facing deck behind the workshop -- another private space for your "get away from the bustle" contemplations. Or enjoy the firepit.Follow the wending path to the front fence and everything is nearby.The bathroom (with tub and shower) is at the rear of the main house, right near the back door (about 30 yards from the roundhouse). It's private and only barely shared. (We have another bath-and-a-half elsewhere in the house.) We have a clever curtaining and folding wall system that can give you extra privacy if you want it. You'll be left as alone as you choose to be during your visit.With a little bit of planning, we're happy to share our full kitchen with you during daylight hours. Same with the laundry room.We're sharing our home with you, so we ask you to be respectful of that. We love to brag about Eugene and Oregon, and we're happy to share what we have and what we know.We cannot guarantee that your visit with us will be enchanted and uplifting, but that's what we hope it will be. We'll do what we can to make it so.Our listings include a 9.5% room tax assessed by the city of Eugene. Those added funds are used to promote tourism and other good things around Lane County.Guest accessLate arrivals are easy to facilitate. The house is easy to find, even in the dark. The street is well lit and we have path lights to guide you to the roundhouse. Since it's a completely separate building, there's no need to worry about waking anyone. "We'll leave the light on for you," as they say.What will you need? Fridge, microwave, coffee pot, toaster oven -- all yours. Laundry, full kitchen, yard, neighborhood -- shared. (Just ask.) We have gorgeous red velvet theatre curtains and a clever folding glass wall to divide spaces, but the intent is to remain permeable for hospitality's sake.Other things to noteMISCELLANEOUS NOTES:#1. After over eight years on airbnb, this space is often "taken" for most times. If you'd like to try a similarly inventive space, on the same property, employing much of the same geometry (but larger and self-contained), check out our aloft apartment.#2. Before you confirm your reservation, please double-check certain details. Have you inputted the correct dates and are you reserving for the correct number of (human) guests? This is important because those details may alter the price you're being quoted. (We give solo travelers the lowest possible rate. All others pay a bit more.)#3. Our check-in time is usually (anytime after) 3 pm. Occasionally, we can accommodate early arrivals, or luggage drop-off before the space is cleaned. We always appreciate knowing roughly when you expect to arrive. That helps us prepare.#4. We send all our guests an email with detailed instructions and up-to-the-minute details for their visit. Please include your best email address when you make your reservation.#5. We have a (slight) presence on social media, so if you feel the urge to take pictures and share it with your friends, we'd love it if you'd tag us at "oreroundhouse" and "dksez"....#6 We welcome dogs and other pets, but we ask for a couple of things. First, do let us know when you're bringing critters with you. Second, please don't let them roam our yard unleashed. The fence has holes. Third, leaving pets unattended for long stretches inside hasn't worked very well. Gnawed furniture, yelping, too much hair on the bedspread -- that sort of thing. We have two dog parks within walking distance, so there will be opportunities for them to enjoy themselves too!


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Discover the best river, stream, or creek cabin rentals near Sweet Home, Oregon (2024)


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