16 Awesome Game Websites for School: Fun & Unblocked (2024)

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You can play these games at school without getting in trouble!

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Co-authored byAly Rusciano

Last Updated: May 5, 2024Fact Checked

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So, you’re bored at school, and the school’s WiFi is blocking all your favorite gaming websites. UGH! What do you do? Well, what if we told you there were plenty of websites you could still play games on that are school-approved? Take a look at the list below for game websites you can play at school.

Know that not all of these websites may be available on your school’s WiFi. But it doesn’t hurt to give them a try!


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  1. PBS Kids Games has some of the best games from your favorite TV shows. You can play games with characters from Wild Kratts, Arthur, Curious George, and more! Just click on the link and then choose your favorite show. We’re sure you’ll find a game you love!

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  1. Funbrain is a fun, kid-friendly website with arcade-style games and quizzes. The website is categorized by math, reading, arcade, and playground games. You can do word searches, race a frog over logs, or even help pigs fly!


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  1. Acrademics has arcade-style games that teach you all about math, science, and language arts. Simply pick your grade level and what you want to learn about, and have fun! With games featuring adorable puppies and goofy aliens, there’s something for everyone.

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  1. National Geographic Kids has games, puzzles, articles, and videos that can keep you occupied for hours. Anything and everything you want to learn about is on this site—space, dinosaurs, you name it! So, put your smarts to the test by playing one or two of their fun games.

    • Fun Fact: You can find games and other interactive materials based on your class reading! If you read National Geographic Kids magazines at school, ask your teacher for help finding games and videos that match what you’ve read.


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  1. Cool Math Games has free games for all ages! From arcade-style classics to Papa’s Games, there’s something for everyone. Take a scroll through the website, and we bet you’ll find something fun to play almost instantly (whether it’s educational or not).

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  1. BrainPop is an educational website hosted by a cartoon scientist and his silly orange robot. This website features fun games and interactive lessons that let you be a surgeon, biologist, or musician. Not only will you have a fun time on this site, but you’ll also learn some neat facts!

    • A login provided by your teacher or school may be needed to access some of BrainPop’s games.


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  1. ABCya is a gaming site themed for kids. These games are great for all school levels and can help you build math, language arts, and science skills. So, you can tell your teacher you’re not playing video games; you’re enriching your mind!

    • Fun Fact: You can play the viral iPhone game 2048 on this website.
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  1. Hoodamath has interactive math games that make math fun. Yeah, you heard us—FUN! These games can help you with basic math skills or even advanced algebra. We promise you won’t even feel like you’re studying.

    • Fun Fact: HoodaMath also has Papa’s Games, where you can own and run a pizzeria, bakery, or taco shop!


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  1. Poptropica is a website where you can make an avatar and embark on mysterious missions through interesting lands. The goal is to complete as many puzzles and quests as you can. The more you discover, the more storylines you unlock! Plus, you can even play with friends if you log on to the same island.

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  1. Room Recess has tons of arcade-style games that test your math, reading, and science skills. You can race cars, do puzzles, or even battle aliens in space!


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  1. 247 Checkers is just what it sounds like—a fun game of checkers! Play a game of virtual checkers for free on this site and see if you have what it takes to outsmart the computer.

    • Fun Fact: 247 Checkers also has other games like blackjack, sudoku, pool, and mahjong. Just click “+Games” on the main menu.
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  1. Sesame Street Games is the perfect place to play games with Elmo and his friends! On this website, you can name colors, make delicious cookies, and learn about plants. Just click on your favorite character and see what pops up.


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  1. Cartoon Network Games is a great place to see your favorite characters and have fun. If you love Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Ben 10, this site is for you! Simply choose your favorite show and see what games are offered.

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  1. Geoguessr is an interactive game that lets you explore the world without leaving your seat! Simply create an account and click “Play.” You’ll be dropped in a random location on Google Maps and have to guess where you are based on your surroundings.


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  1. Poki has a variety of games for all ages—they have practically everything you can find in the app store! From relaxing puzzle games to action-packed gameplay, there’s something for everyone.

    • Fun Fact: You can play Subway Surfers on this website.
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  1. Buzzmath claims they can make math fun…and they totally do! This website is teacher-approved and can help you learn math skills all while playing games. From counting donuts to stacking virtual coins, this education platform has something to keep anyone entertained.

    • A login provided by your teacher or school is needed to use Buzzmath.

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